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Transaction Coordination at its best. Try an Amplify Transaction Coordinator today!

Busy real estate agents know that finding a good transaction coordinator is the key to success. Real estate sales can be a double-edged sord – the busier you are, the less time you have to be doing your thing. This is why you need to look into getting a good transaction coordinator. Transaction Coordination can make all the difference in the world for you. Happier clients and a happier you. Stop sitting behind a desk! Get out there and and be your best. Let an Amplify Transaction Coordinator worry about the rest.

Transaction coordination

Once you get a signed contract, an Amplify Transaction Coordinator will handle everything else. Full fledged contract-to-close transaction coordination.

Compliance service

One of our Listing or Transaction Coordinators will upload and enter all necessary information into your brokers compliance system, getting you paid faster.

listing coordination

Once your client is ready to sign, an Amplify Listing Coordinator will handle everything else. Several packages are available at different price points to satisfy your needs.

Track Progress

We use state of the art software allowing you to monitor the status of a transaction as it progresses through the listing or closing process.

Transaction Corodination SERVICES AND PRICING

Our services are priced low. Our commitment to you is high.

Take a look at some of the tasks included in each service.

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We currently offer two different Listing Coordination service levels to fit your needs:

-Lite service is $150

-Amplified service is $300

The all-inclusive Amplified service is described below.

We use state of the art software which allows you to login and check the progress of your listing service at any time.

We will send an introduction email to your seller describing who we are and what we do. 

We will draft the Listing Agreement for your review prior to obtaining signatures.

We will send the Listing Agreement which we drafted along with any  disclosures to the clients for electronic signatures. If we did not draft the agreement ourselves, we will review the agreement and disclosures for any missing signatures.

We can recommend and schedule a pre-inspection of the property.  Any follow-up repairs are scheduled as needed.

We will schedule any needed repairs to get your listing live.

If staging is requested or needed, we will arrange for and schedule a stager.

We will coordinate with your clients and schedule a photographer to take photos/videos of the property.

If using a sign service, we will schedule your sign install based on the listing going live.

We will enter your listing as a draft into your MLS pending your approval for it to go live.

Once the listing is live, we will send the MLS listing to your clients.

We will update any MLS status changes or content updates as needed.

We can arrange for the purchase of a Listing Home Warranty to protect your seller from breakdowns or damages during the listing period.

We will upload all listing documents and complete any necessary information as required by your broker’s compliance system.



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We have one all-inclusive Transaction Coordination service encompassing approximately 80% of your  contract-to-close activity requirements. Everything below and more is included! 

We use state of the art software which allows you to login and check the progress of your TC service at any time.

You have the option to be CC’d on all email communications we have with your clients.

We will review the contract and obtain any missing signatures or documents.

We will send an introduction email  to your client, cooperating agent, attorney, and lender describing who we are and what we do.

We will provide your clients a list of your preferred vendors, including attorneys, title companies, lenders, etc…

We will update the listing in MLS throughout the closing process (if applicable).

Once we review the contract and verify nothing is missing,  we will identify what attorney your client will be using and forward the contract for attorney review.

We will forward the contract and any disclosures or amendments to the clients lender if applicable.

Draft any amendment or repair request that is needed under the direction of the agent.


We will add key contract dates to your calendar to ensure no deadlines are missed.

We will draft your commission statement or add commission instructions into your broker compliance system for your brokerage to supply the disbursement agreement.

We will draft any additional Brokerage required documents such as Wire Fraud Advisory, Brokerage Relationships Document, Business Disclosure, etc.

We will order a utility connection service for free that allows your client to make one phone call instead of multiple to get their utilities set up in their new home.

We will follow up with the lender to ensure the appraisal has been ordered, scheduled, and passed.

We will follow up weekly with the lender to ensure we are on target for closing. 

We will confirm with the closing attorney/title company to ensure title has been ordered.

We will schedule the termite inspection and letter if required

We will coordinate the survey with the clients attorney

We will ensure the lender has issued a clear to close. 

Upon receiving and reviewing the contract, we will schedule a tentative closing date with the title company or attorney’s office.

A week prior to closing we will confirm closing details with your client.

We will arrange for the purchase of a home warranty if needed per the contract or otherwise requested.

We will request a copy of the settlement statement for you to review prior to closing.

We will send closing reminders to your clients and make sure they have everything that will be needed for a successful and efficient closing. 

In the event the transaction is cancelled, cancellation documents will be drafted and sent for signatures. The MLS status will also be updated if applicable.

We will upload all transaction documents and complete any necessary information as required by your broker’s compliance system to get you paid as quickly as possible.

Sometimes different tasks need to be customized to fit certain requirements in particular service areas. We will work with each agent to determine what is needed and adjust our processes for your needs*.

*Additional fees may apply



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We offer our Compliance Only Service to those needing just a little help finishing up. 

We use state of the art software which allows you to login and check the progress of your compliance service at any time.

We will gather and upload all required documents into your broker’s compliance system.

After uploading all of the required documents, we will enter any required information into you broker’s compliance system to get you paid as quickly as possible.

Transaction Coordinator Coordination Team

Amplify your sales with A transaction coordinator

Let Amplify handle your real estate transaction coordination. Focus on your sales and leave the rest to us. Highly experienced and personable transaction coordinators will take your signed contracts through closing, leaving your clients extremely satisfied. Get yourself Amplified

Whatever the role, we have a solution for you!


Get Amplified with Amplify Transaction Services. Let’s chat about what we can do for you. Please provide us with some basic information and one of us will get back to you shortly.

    Frequently asked questions

    We are experienced in many different areas around the country.  If we are unfamiliar with your particular area, we are fully capable of adapting to your processes and requirements.

    Each and every Transaction Coordinator at Amplify has many years of experience with real estate transaction coordination and each is carefully vetted before being assigned files. Many of our TC’s have held a brokers license themselves. 

    Transaction coordination services are invoiced at closing. Listing coordination and compliance only services are invoiced upon order submission. Please visit the AGENTS page for further details on how payments work.

    After you contact us, we will set up an onboarding call for us to get to know each other. We will go over your current volume and process and at that point determine what steps will be necessary to get started.

    We are always looking for dedicated and experienced transaction coordinators. Please contact us with your information and qualifications.

    For any additional questions or concerns, please Contact Us