Transaction Coordinator

Transaction Coordination Services for Agents

At Amplify we hear the same thing over and over again, “our broker already offers in-house transaction coordination.” Ask yourself what the coordinator normally does for you. Many times, all you normally get with an in-house coordinator is over priced compliance verification and NOT a true transaction coordination service.


At Amplify Transaction Services, we offer the real deal… full fledged listing and contract-to-close transaction coordination handled by experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly transaction coordinators.

Low cost flat fee

We take just a tiny percentage of your profits on sale. So low you will barely notice!

More time for you

Not having to worry about follow up activities increases your free time, for business or pleasure!

Positive client experience

We strive to keep your clients up-to-date throughout the closing process, giving you a better review!

Multiple options

We offer multiple service options to fit your needs. We know the industry is not one size fits all!

Amplify Transaction Services
boost your Success

We work remotely for you. No matter where you are located, an Amplify real estate transaction coordinator can be there for you. Each market has its own coordination challenges that we tackle and perfect! There is no risk, no long-term contract, and no upfront fees* to use our services. Contract to close and listing coordination? You got it! Just need compliance? We’ve got that too! 

*Fees for prelisting services require payment when the individualized service is ordered


Self Pay

Listing Coordination and Compliance Only services will be invoiced once a file is submitted to us for service. We offer multiple payment options including a check (mailed or ACH withdrawal) or credit card. For Transaction Coordination service, you will be invoiced upon closing or completion of the file.

Paid at Closing

We are able to send a transaction coordination invoice to the closing agency, whether it be a title company or attorney's office. The closer will issue a payment for the invoice deducted from the commission payment. This method is truly hassle free.


Contact us today to see if transaction coordination is right for you. You will be chatting directly with a transaction coordinator, NOT someone in sales without any real estate experience.

    We are excited...

    A great relationship is about to be formed!!!

    Our No Pressure Promise to you: If you contact us for information, we will not hound you and try to force your business. If you do not like what we have to offer, we will respect that and say farewell.